Mar 132013

We’ll see you by 3:00pm for our early rehearsal on Sunday, 3/17. Please wear your maroon/slacks outfit. Our rehearsal will conclude at 5:30pm. We’ll then car pool to the Bull & Bush. Please bring dinner money as we’ll eat between our sets at the Bull and Bush Pub – the kitchen is finally open again! We’ll dismiss from there at 9pm.

Please remember to turn in your March Dues and Trip Payment #2 on Sunday, if you haven’t already done so.

I still need completed, signed, and notarized minor employment forms from Tyvon and Alec. Please bring them on Sunday.
Be sure that the 4 tunes for Sunday’s performance are prepared and memorized – Marchand De Poissons, Ham and Eggs, Big Butter and Egg Man, and Royal Garden Blues.
The set orders and reference recordings can be found on the Downloads page
Also be working on: Basin Street Blues, West End Blues, Sing Sing Sing, Muskrat Ramble, West End Blues, Minnie the Mooche, My Walkin’ Stick, Water from an Ancient Well, Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans, Sweet Georgia Brown, and Sheik of Araby.
Please work really hard and be ready for Sunday’s performance and rehearsal!
These are our available performance dates. Please let me know as soon as possible if you have a conflict with any of these dates:
March 17, 18 (No Alec), 19 (No Alec or Josh), 24 (No Josh or Colton) 
April 3 (No Alec), 7 (No Alec), 8, 9 (No Alec), 10-11, 13 (No Cameron), 14 (No Alec or Josh), 15, 16-17 (No Alec), 20 (No Alec), 21-22, 23-24 (No Alec), 28-30 
May 1, 5, 6 (No Alec), 7, 8 (No Alec; No Josh until after 6pm), 10, 11 (No Josh until evening),12, 19 (No Colton 4:15-7:30pm), 20 (No Josh), 21 (No Alec or Josh), 25 (No Josh), 26-28, 29-31 (Possibly no Cameron)
June 1-3 (Possibly no Cameron), 4-6, 7-8 (No Alec), 9, 10-11 (No Alec) , 12-14 (No Tyvon or Alec), 16 (No Tyvon or Alec), 17 (No Alec), 18-28 (No Cameron), 29 (No Kris), 30
July 1–16, 19-20, 21 (No Trevor), 22-24 (No Trevor or Alec), 25-27 (No Kris, Trevor or Alec), 28-29 (No Kris or Trevor), 30 (No Trevor), 31
August 1-10 (No Trevor)

Upcoming Performances/Special Rehearsals:
-Sunday, 3/17: (3-9pm) Rehearsal/Car pool to Bull & Bush Pub [3-6pm]; Performances in between the sets of the Queen City Jazz Band [6-9pm]; Maroon/Slacks Outfit.
-Sunday, 3/24: (5:45-6:30pm) Tim only – private tuba lesson w/Bill Clark; (6:30-9pm) Clinic/rehearsal with Bill Clark (No Josh or Colton).
-Sunday, 3/31: NO REHEARSAL
-Sunday, 4/7: (5:45-6:30pm) Tim only – private tuba lesson w/Bill Clark; (6:30-9pm) Clinic/rehearsal with Bill Clark
-Sunday, 4/21: DJC monthly performance at Westminster Elks Lodge (11:15am-5pm), includes early rehearsal and lunch.
-Sunday, May 19: (11am-2:00pm, noon-1:30pm performance) Annual Northglenn Historical Society Ice Cream Social (10950 Fox Run Parkway, Northglenn); DJC monthly performance at Westminster Elks Lodge (3:15-5pm) and dinner/rehearsal (5-9pm).
-Friday, May 24: (Meet at DIA at 5:15pm)-Monday, May 27 (Return home by 11pm): Sacramento Music Festival Trip [Tyvon and Colton depart on Saturday morning – be at DIA by 6:15am]. Performance Sets Scheduled So Far: Sat, 5/25/13: 1:30-2:15pm – Macy’s Stage; 3:30-4:15pm – K St. Stroll; 6:30-7:15pm – K St. Stroll; Sun, 5/26/13: 10-10:45am – Round Table Pizza; 1-1:45pm – Macy’s Stage; 5-5:45pm – Delta King Dock; Mon, 5/27/13:
10-10:45am – Delta King Dock; 12:00-12:45pm – Round Table Pizza; 2-3pm: Macy’s Stage (Youth Band Closing Ceremony); and 3-4pm: Macy’s Stage (TNT Youth Jam).
-Wednesday, June 5: (9am-3:30pm) Recording Session at Mighty Fine Productions (2949 Larimer St, Denver)
-Friday, June 7 (2-10pm) Avo’s Performance in Ft. Collins (No Alec)
-Sunday, June 9 (2-6:30pm): European Tour Benefit Concert – Ziggies (4923 W. 38th Ave, Denver)
-Monday, 6/10: (6-9:30pm, 7-7:45pm concert) Performance w/Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra at Dazzle (930 Lincoln St, Denver). Includes sound check, performance, dinner and MJO’s performance] (No Alec)
-Sunday, June 16: DJC monthly performance at Westminster Elks Lodge (3:15-5pm) and dinner/rehearsal (5-9pm) [No Tyvon or Alec].
-Thursday, June 20: (5-8:30pm) Performance for Tulane University’s School of Architecture at Tamayo Restaurant (No Cameron)
-Saturday, June 29: (2-5pm) Tyvon’s Graduation Party Performance (30 minute sets at 3 and 4pm, No Kris)
-Friday, July 5 through Saturday, July 13 (European Tour)
-Sunday, July 21: DJC monthly performance at Westminster Elks Lodge (3:15-5pm) and dinner/rehearsal (5-9pm) [No Trevor].
-Thursday, July 25 through Saturday, July 27: Workshops and performances [Friday: 8:30-9:30pm at Evergreen Christian Church; and Saturday: 1:30-2:30pm Workshop Performance at the Lake House] at the Evergreen Jazz Festival (No Kris, Alec or Trevor)
-Wednesday, July 31: (4:00-8pm) Evergreen Lake Concert (5:30-6:30pm set)
-All dates and driving directions can be found on the Event Calendar page.