Jun 102013

Congratulations Vets for an incredible benefit concert yesterday! You sold additional tickets, which have reduced the balance of your trip payments. Some of you now have additional funds in your account, since you had finished making all trip payments! A special thanks to all the parents for their help and work yesterday – you are all terrific! And a big thank you to Koli and Emilia for coordinating the entire event!! Here are some totals for you: Food Profit – $167.75 (after we took out the $270 that we all contributed); Tips – $67; and General Ticket Sales/Donations – $235. It looks like the benefit concert contributed a total of over $3000 to our trip!! Great work everyone!!!

Vets – Please realize that all late trip payments must be turned in, at the very latest, by Sunday June 29th.

New band members, please bring your June dues to Dazzle .

Vets – Please bring any past due trip payments, if you have not already done so.

Entire band – Please meet at Dazzle (930 Lincoln St, in Denver) on Monday, June 10th, by 6pm (No Copland). Please wear your blue/slacks outfit. You will need to bring your big band instrument, if different from your regular instrument in our band. Equipment:  Dazzle has a drum set, but Colton – please bring your cymbals. Dazzle provides a bass amp and grand piano. Bring a guitar amp (if needed).  All stands, lights, chairs and sound system are provided either by MJO or Dazzle.

Tickets:  We use Constant Contact’s EventSpot system. Below is a link to the registration page. Students/parents need to go to this page to get your reservations (“registration”) using PayPal. Physical tickets are not required; please DO NOT call Dazzle directly (as this will cause confusion with duplication reservations).

Ticket are $12.50 (pre-show via the link below) and $15 at the door. Obviously, the incentive to get reservations ahead of time is to save $$. We will split the total pre-show ticket sales (after PayPal expenses) with MJO taking the first $400. I will bring you a check to the gig as ticket sales CLOSE Monday afternoon the day of the gigPlease stress to the students/families NOT to wait until the last moment to get their reservations; depending on what is going on the day of the gig, sales may close early in the day.

We can sell approximately (85) seats ahead of time and leave the remaining (10+) for walk-ins and other reservations.

It is very important to use this system vice just coming to pay at the door for a few reasons:

1.  It allows Dazzle to plan their staffing.

2.  It allows Dazzle to plan the seating, especially for the larger groups that want to sit together.

3.  If they just come to the door, it IS possible (and HAS happened) that between the school and non-school reservations, the room is full and they cannot get in!

4.  It’s cheaper!

*** Students/Director do NOT need tickets.

Link:  DJC Youth All-Stars TICKETS


Although the restaurant does not have its own parking facility, we recommend using (after 6:00 PM) the Westword parking lot on the corner of 9th and Broadway, the Denver Public School parking lot between 9th and 10th on Grant, or for a fee you can park in the lot between 7th and 8th on Lincoln. The parking facilities are all located within walking distance to DazzleJazz, one or two blocks, are available to visiting patrons… after 6 pm!

Street and metered parking is located around the immediate area. Meters are only until 6:00 PM and free on Sunday.

All dates and driving directions can be found on the Event Calendar page.

The set order and reference recordings can be found on the Downloads page

Please work really hard and be ready for Friday’s performance!

These are our available performance dates. Please let me know as soon as possible if you have a conflict with any of these dates

June 10 (No Copland), 11 (No Alec, Adam, & Colton), 12 (No Adam, Tyvon, Alec & Colton), 13-14 (No Tyvon, Alec & Colton), 16 (No Tyvon, Alec & Colton), 17 (No Adam, Alec, & Colton), 18 (No Cameron & Colton), 19 (No Adam & Cameron) 20-1 (No Adam, Jake W, Trevor & Cameron), 29 (No Kris, Copland, & Trevor), 30 (No Copland)
July 1-3 (No Adam & Copland), 4 (No Copland), 5-13 (Vets in Europe), 14-16, 19-20 (No Adam & Trevor), 21 (No Trevor; No Adam & Alec until 3:15pm), 22-24 (No Trevor or possibly Alec), 25-27 (No Kris, Jake W, Trevor or possibly Alec), 28-29 (No Kris or Trevor), 30 (No Trevor), 31 (Tyvon & Alec’s last day; No Trevor)
August 1-8 (No Adam & Trevor), 11-12 (No Adam)

Upcoming Performances/Special Rehearsals:
-Monday, 6/10: (6-9:30pm, 7-7:45 & 8:45-9pm sets) Performance w/Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra at Dazzle (930 Lincoln St, Denver). Includes sound check, performance, dinner (bring food money) and MJO’s performance, Wear blue/slacks outfit] (No Copland)
-Sunday, June 16: DJC monthly performance at Westminster Elks Lodge (3:15-5pm) and dinner/rehearsal (5-9pm) [No Tyvon, Alec & Colton].
-Thursday, June 20: (5-8:30pm) Performance for Tulane University’s School of Architecture at Tamayo Restaurant (No Adam, Jake W, Cameron & Trevor; Matt will cover)

-Friday, June 21: (Between 9am and noon) Performance on the 16th Street Mall for World Music Day (No Adam, Jake W, Cameron & Trevor; Matt will cover)

-Sunday, June 23: (5-5:45pm) Tim’s tuba lesson w/Bill; (5:45-6:30pm) Andrew’s tuba/bass lesson w/Bill; (6:30-9pm) Rehearsal/Clinic w/Bill (No Adam)
-Saturday, June 29: (4-6:30pm) Tyvon’s Graduation Party Performance (No Kris, Copland or Trevor; Matt will cover)

-Thursday, July 4: (10:30am-2pm) Holly Creek Community, 5500 East Peakview Ave, Centennial 80121 (No Copland)

-Friday, July 5 through Saturday, July 13 (European Tour) [Vets only]
-Sunday, July 21: DJC monthly performance at Westminster Elks Lodge (3:15-5pm, Senior awards) and dinner/rehearsal (5-9pm) [No Trevor; Matt will cover].
-Thursday, July 25 through Saturday, July 27: Workshops and performances [Friday: 8:30-9:30pm at Evergreen Christian Church; and Saturday: 1:30-2:30pm Workshop Performance at the Lake House] at the Evergreen Jazz Festival (No Kris or Trevor; Possibly no Alec; Matt will cover)
-Wednesday, July 31: (4:00-8pm) Evergreen Lake Concert (5:30-6:30pm set) [No Trevor, Matt will cover]
-Saturday, August 10: (1-3pm) Flesher-Hinton Music Store Customer Appreciation Day (No Adam, Last Day for Kris, Cameron, Tim. & Colton)
-Saturday, August 10: (3-4:30pm) Senior Celebration Dinner [No Tyvon & Alec]

-Sunday, August 18: (2-9pm) DJC Annual Picnic Performance (Littleton home)/Rehearsal [New Band]
-Monday, September 2: (10am-6pm) Avo’s Jazz Festival (Ft. Collins) [New Band]

-Sunday, September 15: (3:15-9pm) DJC monthly performance at Westminster Elks Lodge/Rehearsal [New Band]

-Sunday, September 29: (9am-5pm) Performance at the Summit Jazz Festival (Red Lion SE in Aurora), followed by a Performance at the 2013 Bergen Carnival (Bergen Valley Elementary School, Evergreen) [New Band]