Oct 262010

PLEASE BE PREPARED FOR OUR REHEARSAL AND PERFORMANCE ON SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 14TH: Please arrive at Grandview Grange (2280 E. Noble St, Centennial) by 1:15pm. Everyone, please help Ray unload and carry in his drum set at that time. We will rehearse until 3:30pm.  Please bring your November Dues. Driving directions can be found on the Event Calendar page.

Molly, Alex and Ray – please remember to have your newspaper article prepared for Sunday’s rehearsal. Everyone please also be prepared to perform your transcribed solo at Sunday’s rehearsal. Alex needs to have his notebook alphabetized no later than this Sunday.

Please make sure all 9 set selections are completely memorized for Sunday’s performance: Panama, When the Saints Go Marching In, Wolverine Blues, All of Me, With a Wink and a Smile, Maple Leaf Rag, After You’ve Gone, St. James Infirmary, and That’s a Plenty.

Please also prepare the following selections for Sunday’s rehearsal: Ice Cream, Black Bottom Stomp, Jazz Me Blues, and Royal Garden Blues.

Please practice Bill’s improv. book on pp. 9 and the bottom half of 19, and be sure to work with his CD as well. Also, please work on your ‘half step below dominant sevenths’ exercise.

We will have a break until 6:30pm. The Streets of Southglenn are just 2 blocks away. We will then perform at 7:00 pm. Please wear a button down, long sleeve dress shirt, khaki slacks, dress shoes and socks. Dinner will be provided. Set documents can be found on the Downloads page.

Enjoy all your preparations and private lessons over the next 3 weeks! Please work really hard and be ready for Sunday’s performance and rehearsal.

MUSIC DOWNLOADS: All our posted audio tracks can be downloaded by going to the Downloads page.