May 062011

PLEASE BE PREPARED FOR OUR REHEARSAL ON SUNDAY, MAY 8TH: Please arrive at Flesher-Hinton Music Store by 6:15 pm.

Please remember to bring your listening CD’s to Sunday’s rehearsal.

Please bring your May dues and Swiss Trip Payment #3, if you haven’t already done so.

Memorize Ain’t Misbehavin’ in the key of F for Sunday. Joni wants to sing it in F, and not Eb, at Mile Hi Church.

Please study the recording of It Ain’t Got That Swing. In addition to that, we’ll rehearse Five Foot Two, Creole Love Song, Dead Man Blues, Do You Know What it Means to Miss New Orleans?, Exactly Like You, With a Wink and a Smile, Bill Bailey, That’s a Plenty, and the less familiar music on the Mile High Church 5/14/11 set lists.

Our set lists and audio recordings can be found on the Downloads page.

Please remember the special parent/student meeting at 5:00 pm, at Westminster Elks Lodge, on Sunday, May 15th. This will be the required Sacramento Trip Meeting where will need all paperwork completed. Remember to bring a copy of both sides of your medical insurance card, unless it hasn’t changed from last year.

Please be aware that we will be performing from 3:45 until 4:15 pm at each DJC Sunday monthly session from now on. We will also need to arrive by 3:15 pm from now on.

Upcoming performances:

Sat, 5/14 – 1:30-6:30 pm – Mile High Church, Lakewood

Sun, 5/15 – 3:15-5:00 pm – Westminster Elks Lodge, May DJC Monthly Session

Tues, 5/24 – 5:30-9:15 pm – Luigi’s Italian Restaurant, Centennial

Thurs, 5/26-Mon, 5/30 – Meet at DIA at 6:30 pm on Thursday; Return at 10:45 pm on Monday – Sacramento Jazz Jubilee

Tues, 6/14 – 4:30-9:30 pm, Mile High Station, Denver

Thurs, 6/16 – 5:30-8:00 pm, Arvada Estates

Fri, 6/17 – 7:00-9:30 am, Wellshire Inn, KEZW 1430-AM Radio Show

Sat, 6/18 – 9:00-11:30 am, Downtown Evergreen Rodeo Parade (Alex’s mom will be the chaperone for this event)

Mon, 7/4 – Mon, 7/11 – Meet at DIA at 11:30 am on 7/4; Return at 8:30 pm on 7/11 (Everyone except Ed, Daniel, Ian, Molly, George and Alex), Ed’s group returns at 10:30 pm

Sun, 7/17 – 3:30-5:00 pm, Westminster Elks Lodge, July DJC Monthly Session

Thurs, 7/28 – Sun, 7/31, Evergreen Jazz Festival Workshop and Performance Sets