May 102013

We’ll see you by 6:30pm for our rehearsal on Sunday, 5/12. 

The May dues need to be turned in on Sunday, unless you already paid

Vets – trip payment #4 is due on Sunday.

Vets – I’ve uploaded the trip rules form, which needs to be signed and turned in by May 19th.

Vets, everyone needs to color copy the photo page of your passport. Please get this to me by May 19th, if I haven’t received it as of yet.

Vets, we also need a copy of both sides of your medical insurance card, along with the completed and signed emergency form (uploaded to our website and emailed to you), if I haven’t received it as of yet.

Vets – the following medical/passport forms still need to be turned in: Kris (Insurance card copy & medical form); Tyvon (everything); Alec (everything); Josh (everything), Trevor (Passport photo page); Tim (everything); Linda (Passport photo page); and Kevin (passport photo page).

New Band – It’s very important that you check all our dates out right away. We expect you to be at everything now, unless it specifically says Vets.

We will run the 2 drum set auditions first thing, so please be prepared to play “Washington and Lee Swing” several times.

Please be working on the May 19th sets for the Ice Cream Social and the Club.

The set order and reference recordings can be found on the Downloads page

Please work really hard and be ready for Sunday’s rehearsal!

Vets, also we need to have a required parent/student trip expectations meeting on Sunday, May 19th, after our performance (approximately 5pm) at Westminster Elks Lodge. This will cover both California and Europe trips.

These are our available performance dates. Please let me know as soon as possible if you have a conflict with any of these dates:

May 12 (Possibly no Jake W), 19 (Possibly no Jake W), 20 (No Josh), 21 (No Alec or Josh), 25 (No Josh), 26-28, 29-31

June 1-5, 4 (No Copland), 5-6, 7-8 (No Alec or Copland), 9 (No Copland), 10 (No Alec or Copland), 11 (No Alec) , 12-14 (No Tyvon or Alec), 16 (No Tyvon or Alec), 17 (No Alec), 18-21 (No Cameron), 29 (No Kris), 30

July 1–16, 19-20, 21 (No Trevor), 22-24 (No Trevor or Alec), 25-27 (No Kris, Trevor or Alec), 28-29 (No Kris or Trevor), 30 (No Trevor), 31

August 1-10 (No Trevor)

Upcoming Performances/Special Rehearsals:

-Sunday, May 19: (11am-2:00pm, noon-1:30pm performance) Annual Northglenn Historical Society Ice Cream Social (10950 Fox Run Parkway, Northglenn, maroon/shorts); DJC monthly performance at Westminster Elks Lodge (3:15-5pm, maroon/slacks) and dinner/rehearsal (5-9pm).

-Sunday, May 19: (5-5:30pm) Required Parent/Student trip expectations meeting at Westminster Elks Lodge (all trip forms and paperwork are due, Vets only)

-Friday, May 24: (Meet at DIA at 5:15pm)-Monday, May 27 (Return home by 11pm): Sacramento Music Festival Trip [Tyvon and Colton depart on Saturday morning – be at DIA by 6:15am]. Performance Sets Scheduled So Far: Sat, 5/25/13: 10-11:00am – Old Sacramento Parade; 1:30-2:15pm – Macy’s Stage; 3:30-4:15pm – K St. Stroll; 6:30-7:15pm – K St. Stroll; Sun, 5/26/13: 10-10:45am – Round Table Pizza; 1-1:45pm – Macy’s Stage; 5-5:45pm – Delta King Dock; Mon, 5/27/13: 10-10:45am – Delta King Dock; 12:00-12:45pm – Round Table Pizza; 2-3pm: Macy’s Stage (Youth Band Closing Ceremony); and 3-4pm: Macy’s Stage (TNT Youth Jam) [Vets only].

-Tuesday. May 28: (6:00 – 8:30pm) Performance at Arvada Estates (7-8pm set)

-Wednesday, June 5: (9am-3:30pm) Recording Session at Mighty Fine Productions (2949 Larimer St, Denver) [Vets only].

-Friday, June 7 (2-10pm) Avo’s Performance in Ft. Collins (No Alec or Copland)

-Sunday, June 9 (2-6:30pm): European Tour Benefit Concert – Ziggies (4923 W. 38th Ave, Denver) [Vets only, but new players are invited to attend]

-Monday, 6/10: (6-9:30pm, 7-7:45pm concert) Performance w/Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra at Dazzle (930 Lincoln St, Denver). Includes sound check, performance, dinner and MJO’s performance] (No Alec or Copland)

-Sunday, June 16: DJC monthly performance at Westminster Elks Lodge (3:15-5pm) and dinner/rehearsal (5-9pm) [No Tyvon or Alec].

-Thursday, June 20: (5-8:30pm) Performance for Tulane University’s School of Architecture at Tamayo Restaurant (No Cameron)

-Friday, June 21: (Between 9am and noon) Performance on the 16th Street Mall for World Music Day (No Cameron)

-Sunday, June 23: (5:45-6:30pm) Tim’s tuba lesson w/Bill; (6:30-9pm) Rehearsal/Clinic w/Bill

-Saturday, June 29: (4-6:30pm) Tyvon’s Graduation Party Performance (No Kris or Copland)

-Thursday, July 4: (10:30am-2pm) Holly Creek Community, 5500 East Peakview Ave, Centennial 80121

-Friday, July 5 through Saturday, July 13 (European Tour) [Vets only]

-Sunday, July 21: DJC monthly performance at Westminster Elks Lodge (3:15-5pm) and dinner/rehearsal (5-9pm) [No Trevor].

-Thursday, July 25 through Saturday, July 27: Workshops and performances [Friday: 8:30-9:30pm at Evergreen Christian Church; and Saturday: 1:30-2:30pm Workshop Performance at the Lake House] at the Evergreen Jazz Festival (No Kris, Alec or Trevor)

-Wednesday, July 31: (4:00-8pm) Evergreen Lake Concert (5:30-6:30pm set)

-Saturday, August 10: (1-3pm) Flesher-Hinton Music Store Customer Appreciation Day

-Saturday, August 10: (3-4:30pm) Senior Celebration Dinner

-Sunday, August 18: (2-9pm) DJC Annual Picnic Performance (Littleton home)/Rehearsal [New Band]

-Sunday, September 15: (3:15-9pm) DJC monthly performance at Westminster Elks Lodge/Rehearsal [New Band]

-Sunday, September 29: (9am-5pm) Performance at the Summit Jazz Festival (Red Lion SE in Aurora), followed by a Performance at the 2013 Bergen Carnival (Bergen Valley Elementary School, Evergreen) [New Band]