Sep 202010

PLEASE BE PREPARED FOR OUR REHEARSAL ON SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 26TH: Please arrive at Flesher Hinton Music Store by 6:15pm. Professor Bill Clark will be giving us a clinic. Please practice Bill’s improv. book from pg. 8 through 9, and pg. 16. Be sure to work with his CD as well.

Please prepare and memorize the following selections for our upcoming Summit Jazz Festival performance: With a Wink and a Smile, Panama, St. James Infirmary, Wolverine Blues and Maple Leaf Rag. Set sheets can be found on the Downloads page.

Kyle’s tuba lesson will now be from 5:30 until 6:15pm.

Please come prepared to tell me how many family members and friends would like to come to your performance at the Summit Jazz Festival. They will all be admitted free. Also, let me know how many of them would like to purchase a $10 festival badge for the entire day.

Enjoy all your preparations and private lessons this week! Please work really hard and be ready for Sunday’s rehearsal.

MUSIC DOWNLOADS: All our posted audio tracks can be downloaded by going to the Downloads page.